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LTC year II training

Year II Training- Deepening and Broadening your Mastery

The year 2 training consists of three parts.


  • While in Year One of the Life Centered Therapy Training, we explore Step 2  of the Seven Steps of Transformation… Releasing Blocks, in year 2, we explore the other six steps required for transformation to occur.

       1. Passion and Destiny.  

       3. Outer and Inner Mastery.

       4. Raising Vibration (the capacity for engagement, understanding, and unconditional love).

       5. Maturity.

       6. Multiple Perspective Taking.

       7. Unity


  • We deepen our capacity to work with step 2, Releasing Blocks, by expanding our work with individuals through learning to listen with the 3rd ear, opening to metaphor and symbol, and listening in the literal. We learn how to work with specific populations and problems. And we expand the context of the framework by learning how to apply it to couples and relationships, families, healing circles, and other self-organizing systems.


  • We discover how to move more deeply into a transpersonal state where we become even more unattached to outcome and learn how to be even more present by being fully engaged, open-hearted, and open-minded.


A highlight and culmination of the year includes a shadow party where we get to fully embody those aspects of ourselves which may most get in the way of our capacity to be truly present. And we get to do it while having a joyful, if difficult, playful Gathering


This Training, which is 84 hours long, typically is broken out into three four day weekends.


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