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Check upcoming programs and workshops below. We are providing various workshops dedicated to enneagram and different topics. To find out more, please contact us. 

Desert Mountains
Enneagram Programs

Life Centered Therapy offers Enneagram workshops ranging from a 90 minute lecture to a weekend-long workshop. Both introductory and advanced workshops are offered.  You learn through lecture, type interview/conversation and teaching off experiential exercises.  Advanced workshops on particular aspects of the system are particularly valuable to those seeking greater understanding of this ancient system.

Backpackers standing on a scenic lookout

A simple overview of the framework is presented. A demonstration of the work with an attendee using the Five Step Healing Process Protocol makes the presentation come alive and particularly allows you the opportunity to experience the power of accessing the wisdom of the body.

Business Meeting
Healing Workshop

A simplified healing protocol, we call Guided Self Healing, is presented and demonstrated. We then instruct you in the use of this protocol so that you are able to use it at home. Included in the day is a Muscle-testing practicum followed by a presentation of seven energetic practices to support you as you work to make constructive changes in your life  You have an opportunity to both guide and experience the process.

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