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typical session


A session with Dr. Hahn

In Life Centered Therapy, you and your LCT facilitator become partners/a team working for your health and development. There are many different methods that may be used depending on which of the seven steps for the transformation you are required to work with. Most likely, your facilitator will guide you through the Five Steps of a LCT session to release trauma. LCT Sessions can be done individually or in groups. 

In a typical Life Centered Therapy session, you will discover what is most important for you to work on, what is keeping you from realizing your desired result, and what to do to make it possible.  You’ll know immediately if the session has helped because, if it has, you will feel better in your body right away.  

A Typical LCT Session has Five Steps:

1. Discovering Your Destination 
2. Releasing Roadblocks
3. Preparing for the Journey
4. Taking the Journey 
5. Arriving at Your Destination: Coming Home 


Discovering Your Destination

Finding Your Highest Intention. Your Facilitator will help you discover why you’ve truly come; this means finding which issue(s) to address that will maximize the benefit to you. The appropriateness and safety of doing the work will be confirmed.


Helping you discover why you have truly come will begin with the question, “If you could have your heart’s desire from our time together today, even if it felt like a miracle to you, what would you intend?”


releasing roadblocks

Checking for Sabotage Transformational Patterns 
Sometimes you are unable to work directly on what you intend to change; this is because there may be underlying issues that are out of your awareness thatare affecting your capacity to heal. These issues, which we call Sabotage Transformational Patterns (STPs), sabotage you on egoic levels and invite you into transformation on soul levels. Identifying and addressing these underlying issues assures a strong foundation to support your work and affect lasting change. 


preparing for the journey

How to Find the Story and Intervention
In this Step you discover how to find the story that has kept you from manifesting your intention; the story can either be a narrative or deeply held beliefs. Usually, the way to find the story is to bring all of your awareness to the typically uncomfortable sensation(s) that arise in the body when focusing on your difficulty and then to remember by reporting anything you are experiencing. We discover the intervention by opening to an essentially unlimited number of possibilities and choosing that which will most effectively release the block. Sometimes the client or the facilitator finds the intervention intuitively. Alternatively, it is found on a list which includes such things as acupressure, EMDR, forgiveness practices, channeling light and sound.


taking the journey

Finding the Story and Doing the Intervention 
You will bring your awareness to the body sensations and report whatever you are experiencing.  The intervention is performed while focusing on the discomfort in your body that is associated with your blocked intention. Sometimes, the only practice necessary is to become aware of the narrative associated with your blocked intention. The intervention is complete when the associated discomfort transforms. 


arriving at your destination

Integrating the Work and Bringing it Home 
Having completed the journey, you will discover the lessons on both the personality and soul levels. You will also ensure that the work is fully integrated, i.e. that the work will hold and you will be able to apply it in your life. You will be invited to make a commitment to yourself to transform the way you live in accordance with what you have changed and learned.

While there are anecdotal reports supporting the effectiveness of Life Centered Therapy ("LCT"), there is no current scientific research supporting its effectiveness in the absence of other techniques. Dr. Hahn also includes standard psychological methods in assessment and psychotherapy.

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