reza mohammed

Director of Research

Reza is the Director of Research at the Life Centered Therapy Institute and a Certified Life Centered Therapy practitioner. He received his degree Summa Cum Laude and with High Distinction in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 

His research and writing integrates ancient wisdom and medicine traditions with modern clinical psychology, neuroscience, and other disciplines.


Reza has a private therapy practice in Waltham, MA, and conducts sessions live and remotely. Call 857-763-5257 or to book a session.

What People Say About Reza as a Therapist

Reza has to be the most effective therapist I have ever worked with. I’m 51, I’ve literally spent 3.5 decades in various forms of ‘traditional’ therapy - without much success.


For me, Life Centered Therapy is not just rehashing the past endlessly or simply becoming ‘mindful’ of harmful thoughts, feelings or beliefs about myself - it’s actually divining down to the root causes of what’s been messing with my head (( and my life )) and finding a resolution for them.


I feel like my voice is being heard, respected and believed for the first time in a therapeutic relationship; and I can’t deny the profound, transformative changes that LCT has made within me and in my life. 


I have to contend with bipolar, anxiety, panic, and PTSD. I’ve failed off of many medications. Although I still experience manic and depressive episodes, since I’ve been involved with LCT, the intensity and duration of them have been greatly reduced. I’ve been able to successfully stop my antidepressant and reduce my anti-anxiety medication. 


Also, for the last 5 years, I’ve had a horrible sleep disorder. For the last 3 years, I’ve been averaging 3 or 4 hours of sleep - laden with nightmares and interrupted by several Night Terrors per night. I see a sleep neurologist who’s run out of medicine to try and treat my disorder with. I started LCT 8 months ago and in the last few months, my sleep has notably improved. Night Terrors have stopped, nightmares are now infrequent and I’m averaging about 7 hours per night of sleep.


Although I’m still not sure exactly what I believe - this work has had a profound effect on my world. Life Centered Therapy is the most powerful work that I’ve ever done. 


It resonates - I can’t put enough emphasis on that word.-GM Russo

It was my lucky day when I discovered Life Centered Therapy and Reza Mohammed. 


I have sought out several various healing modalities over the years including both traditional and non-traditional, some being helpful while some were a complete waste of time and money, yet none have been as immediately effective as LCT. My remote sessions with Reza have all been amazing, each time releasing emotional and energetic baggage that I didn’t even know I was holding onto.


I had already had a surgery on both feet and was considering another to attempt to relieve the chronic and almost debilitating pain; I no longer need this surgery.


I have been living with chronic stomach issues as a result of celiac disease and the difference in how I felt before and after our sessions is unreal. 


For me to describe my sessions and the relief I am now experiencing as a result, it sounds like magic, unbelievable. I am so grateful. -SK May

I found Reza Mohammed and his unique protocol to be an exciting accelerator to my inner work.  On one hand, the protocol he uses gave me a big leap forward in my personal development. On the other, I have to give Reza, the young practitioner, big points for his remarkable capacity to focus in and break through a maze of emotions and thoughts and get right to the heart of lifelong issues, blocks, and perceptions.  


In only a couple of hours, we worked through what I might have expected from months of other therapies I have tried. Just as remarkable is how little the work depends on what the therapist understands about my personal story.

His process is like looking in a mirror on steroids and then getting a chance to see what I want to and can change.  Even though I am 72 and Reza is a young man, I felt completely safe in his process and care. In addition to his remarkable online sessions, he routinely forwards complete notes of what happened, which makes holding on to the learning considerably more likely.


I encourage anyone who wants to make significant progress in therapeutic inner work, to give Reza a try.  Consider yourself lucky to have such an opportunity. I predict it won’t be long before getting an appointment with him will be difficult to arrange.-Mark F.


As a client, I have had a great experience with Reza. I have worked from many angles on some long standing physical pain related to physical abuse with some relief but never quite resolving the pain. Several sessions with Reza have almost completely resolved the pain along with quieting down the related  emotional memories. I generally have a very high standard about another's presence, and Reza met and surpassed that standard. Reza provides a lovely, calm, compassionate and encouraging presence. -Joan M., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Throughout my work with Reza, I’ve healed chronic physical tensions
almost instantly. Now, it’s like I have a brand new body! Reza’s warm
and soothing voice makes me feel at ease. After only 6 sessions, I’ve
processed several deep traumas that I didn’t even know I had! Now,
instead of fearing the future, I look forward to what the world brings
my way.- Mark L.

How fortunate was I when I received an LCT session. With an open and receptive mind I entrusted Reza to address a permanent and persistent pain in my right shoulder. A tenseness that affected my sleep and physical functions, an inexplicable pain that I had learnt to live with. 

That was 03/08/2019. Since then the  discomfort is negligible and my neck movements are more fluid and easy.

In fact, my stiff shoulder muscles always roused comments and were worked on by masseurs, but that’s all changed now!-Taz

I started working with Reza Mohammed and Life Centered Therapy on becoming a fully developed woman in all areas of my life. I was diagnosed with Ancestor Syndrome and psychosomatic illnesses that I had spent years to heal with different modalities. Women in my ancestral line had been heavily oppressed, couldn’t express anger and were passing it on generation after generation. Parts of me felt dead in this lifetime.


In addition, my father played a part in my feeling dead as he transferred shame and heavily projected on me. Therapy did not fully resolve what I needed, and other modalities didn’t get to the bottom of it, although they alleviated some pain. 


Reza during our weekly sessions, helped to remove past lives that had ended in an untimely death, and helped me heal parts of myself that felt dead and I started feeling more and more alive. The effects of my father’s shame transfer and heavy projections were healed in two sessions and all bodily sensations of trauma were cleared.


It is a great pleasure to work with Reza. I love his compassionate, understanding, supportive presence. Reza keeps careful notes and gives explanations. He is very thorough. Reza accommodated all my healing emergencies when a next layer of what needs to be healed comes up before my next scheduled session.


I am amazed how quickly Life Centered Therapy works. Each session quickly revealed what the core issue is, what need to be acknowledged and healed and the appropriate healing method revealed. It is the most effective and efficient healing modality I have experienced.- Lena


Reza is an outstanding character and person. His personal touch and the caring manner he conducts himself makes it easy to trust the process of healing he intends to go through with the people he works with.


My personal experience is one of breaking barriers I had in life. Mental blocks that kept me from doing numerous things in life that resulted in productivity and happiness. The work we’ve done has helped me to gain a new healthy view on life, which has resulted in my professional growth and personal growth. I have come to peace with numerous things in my life that seemed to had me held down for months and years. I look forward to pleasantly growing more and more as I keep on working with him.- Ian M.

  • B.S. Summa Cum Laude and with High Distinction in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience from the University of Michigan