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In time of crisis

Dear friends,

These are truly extraordinary and strange times. As best I am able, I've been trying to attune to Life, the consciousness of the Virus, and to humanity and myself.

While it is in my experience true at all times, I think it is particularly true that right now we have to hold simultaneously our personal experiences and Soul level experiences.

On the personal level, I sense that many people have truly become traumatized and are living with deep fear.

On this level, I've had more clients through muscle testing call for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in the past couple of weeks than I have had in the prior year.

For those of you who do not know Emotional Freedom Technique, it is a wonderful acupuncture energetic intervention that releases trauma from the body. It's like we are deer in headlights Frozen, and this intervention allows us to unfreeze and get back in the flow of life.

You can find the acupressure points and how to do it just by Googling Emotional Freedom Technique.

On a Soul level, however, my sense is that something very different is happening.

Perhaps the greatest irony is that as we have been having more difficulty with the respiration and breathing, it is like Mother Earth has been able to respire and breathe with much greater ease.

It is like we are empathically learning what She has been experiencing... if only we can truly listen to this deep lesson.

And on a whole other level still, I sense that the wisdom of Life has been sending us a whole other message. We have to stop chasing ephemeral and egoic material things and come back home. I think we are being invited to come into a whole different relationship with the material and Mater (Mother).

I think this virus on this level has been sent to us by the wisdom of Life, and it has its own great wisdom that is beyond anything we are attuned to in our day in and day out ways of being.

While the cost in Destruction has already been great and will be greater, perhaps this destruction is saving us from a far greater destruction which could be the end of Life as We Know It if we continue to live out of touch.

For all of us, I believe the invitation is to become more in touch with ourselves. To go in and down, and slow down, and discovered deeper truths...

And it is also to be more in touch with each other. ( How ironic in a Time where literally touching has become dangerous...) This could be the people that we are holed up with which tend to be family of creation, origin, or personal selection.

And perhaps particularly for those of us who are living with and by ourselves, it is an opportunity to reach out more deeply with those we choose. This can be literally with phone, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and it can also be done energetically and soulfully by tuning into the consciousness of Life itself and all of its manifestations.

We are truly in a time of crisis. Crisis however is neutral. It is how we are in relationship to it that makes all the difference. Ultimately, we can see this as a crucible and a time of initiation that can allow us to evolve, or it can be a time where we remain stuck in Terror and regress.

The choice is ours. Do we align with Life, respond, and open actively assertively and receptively, or do we choose to fight Life and close down and react passively and aggressively.

This is the one choice that is truly ours. We can think this is our fate and curse the Gods or we can know it is our destiny and be grateful while also acknowledging the pain in our hearts.

And if we are able to mainly make the second choice, this truly can be an opportunity of a lifetime.

May all of us be able to be with our pain and with our aliveness, even in the face of death and destruction.

And may we remember all five faces of the Divine which we call Creating, Sustaining,

Destroying, Mystifying, and Revealing Grace.

So as my spiritual partner Joni reminds me, May this be a time of Courage and Grace for all beings.

Be well and may you have good health, peace of mind and heart, and an appreciation of all of what is being revealed to us.


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