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Healing Treatment Resistant Depression and Anxiety with Life Centered Therapy

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Life Centered Therapy (LCT) is a mind-body, psychospiritual, and energetic framework for healing and growth. The basic premise of LCT is that all of our symptoms and the suffering that accompanies them are an invitation to become aware of, integrate, and master the life experiences we have been unable to handle.

Therapy is a process of learning how to master experiences that we were previously unable to integrate. When we can choose to remember experiences while witnessing and hosting them, we go from being the one who is unconsciously reliving experiences to being the one who is remembering them.

What do we mean by remembering?

To remember is to bring into conscious awareness the relevant aspects of the story so that we use it to support our wellbeing rather than having it be an impediment to moving forward. When we come for healing, we come to remember who we truly are in order to be whole.

When we do this, ultimately either our symptoms simply go away, or our relationship to them changes to such a degree that they no longer create suffering. We can simply say yes to whatever Life presents us with equanimity, courage, and grace.

The following is a case example of how mastering an experience that was unable to be integrated previously can create profound transformation.

Jane was a woman who was experiencing unexplainable depression and anxiety for the past 20 years.  She had been in traditional talk therapy and taking psychiatric medication, but nothing helped.  She had suicide ideation for much of her life, and at the age of 15, she attempted suicide.

She came into the session to work on her very high general anxiety levels, her unexplainable anxiety around people, an inexplicable sensation around her throat, an inability to express herself due to fear, and a strange feeling she had been carrying for as long as she could remember that she was going to be abandoned and left behind.

Muscle testing indicated that her highest priority intention for the day was everything that she said.  In other words, all these difficulties were all part of the same narrative, and crystallized at a point in time where some set of experiences became too much for her to handle and integrate.

In this session, our work was able to shift multiple matrices of experience simultaneously and impact symptoms that had been unable to be touched by talk therapy and psychiatric medication for the past twenty years. This is because we transformed the deeper structure that these symptoms were enfolded in. By taking care of the earlier being who was stuck in a traumatic universal pattern, and whose difficulties Jane was living out, we were able to work in an elegant, simple, and effective way.

After Jane stated her intentions for our session, muscle testing indicated that there was a loss trauma that was equivalent to all of her symptoms. The core theme of this pattern is traumatic loss. Typically, a material loss like losing a loved one, but not limited to this.

When we suffer a loss trauma, we may present with feelings of emptiness, being frozen, stuck, unable to change, overwhelming emotions, boundary issues, and additional challenging experiences.

Muscle testing also indicated that the loss trauma was in a karmic past life, and was nothing that happened in her present life.

After explaining this to Jane, she began to cry and say that it all resonated so, so deeply for her.

“I don’t know why I’m crying,” she said. “Ever since I was small, I’ve felt so, so sad, and there’s been no reason for it. I’ve carried this heavy unexplainable grief for a long time, and have overwhelming feelings all the time. I can’t explain why I cry all the time. It’s always felt like I’ve had a huge loss, but I had an okay relationship with my parents and I had a deep understanding and acceptance when my dad died in my adult years.”

“I was diagnosed with depression, yet I have never felt that it was solely why I was depressed or anxious; it always felt like something deeper. I’ve seen therapists for more than twenty years, taken medication, nothing helped, and I’ve always wanted to end my life. When I had my first child, I wanted to end both of our lives as well. At the age of 15, I attempted suicide…I didn’t know why I wanted to end my life at the time, I had a good childhood. I was happy all the time even with a turbulent upbringing…then at the age of 15, it just all started.”

As I had her repeat the inducting statement of “I feel empty”, she reported that she started to experience a tightness in her throat, a heaviness around and in her heart, a tremor sensation throughout limbs, arms, and legs, and palms of hands and feet began sweating.

She fully allowed and experienced the sensations, and began to cry, reporting the following narrative that came to her awareness:

“I was in India…and a person of a lower caste. I was involved with someone of a higher caste. My parents disowned me because I’m pregnant…oh god, I think I ended my child’s life because of it. But it was for nothing, because my parents never took me back. So, I ended up losing the man I loved, my parents, and the child. Oh my god,” she said as she continued to sob deeply.

“When I killed my son, I couldn’t speak anymore…I don’t know what happened, I just went silent…It was just a horrible, horrible situation. I couldn’t speak, I was scared, anxious, sad, abandoned, and afraid.  I can’t tell if I ended my own life or if I was just silent for the rest of my life…or both. I believe I drowned”.

At this point, she began to notice a difference in her physical sensations. “The tightness in my throat has loosened, and my heart feels open. There is no heaviness around my heart anymore, and the tremors throughout my body have stopped. So has the sweating in my hands and feet.”

Muscle Testing indicated that we were to do an energetic intervention to finish balancing her intention and take care of the being from India whose story Jane was living out.

Jane had to channel light, and she intuited that it was a green light to her heart and throat.

After doing the intervention, she reported that she felt incredibly calm and relaxed. All of the sensations and dense energies she had experienced in her body  had dissipated completely.

“For the first time in my life I feel truly calm. I’ve never experienced this before; I’ve always been in a state of anxiety, and I thought it was normal. I feel truly different; all the sensations are gone.”

The work we did was able to touch on all of these different issues that might have seemed unrelated, because there was a deep structure in the form of a loss trauma, that was foundational to all of them.

Her inability/fear to express herself that she felt in her throat was likely on one level a direct re-experiencing of the being from India who lost her capacity to speak after she killed her child, and remained silent until the day she died.

The unexplainable feeling that she had since she was young that she was going to be abandoned and left behind, may have been a re-experiencing of the profound loss and isolation the being from India experienced when she lost her lover, child, and family.

Her unexplainable depression that was resistant to medication and therapy for twenty years may have been due to the profound feelings of emptiness, loss, and grief she was carrying from that prior lifetime. Her desire to end her and her child’s lives in her current liftime was a direct bleed through of her past life too.

Her feeling that “ever since [she] was small, I felt so sad and there was no reason for it, I don’t know why I’m always crying and carrying this grief,” may be explained by the fact that she was holding this loss trauma that happened to the 15 year old being in India. Turning 15 might have been a trigger as it recapitulated the loss trauma on a soul level that she experienced as a 15 year old in India in her past life.

Jane had many challenges in her childhood physical, emotional, and sexual abuse which she managed and worked through, but her main presenting issues seemed to appear out of the blue when she was 15. She spent many years in therapy trying to work through these traumas, but even that could not touch the symptoms she came in with.

This session exemplifies the power of opening to deep structure, unconscious material stored in the body and universal patterns that may be out of our awareness. By doing so we were able to simultaneously shift multiple symptoms that had been resistant to talk therapy, pharmacology and other interventions.

This session is a great example of how working with deep structure and unconscious and universal patterns (that may be out of our awareness), and opening to possibilities outside of the paradigm of western reality in certain cases, can impact multiple symptoms simultaneously that may be resistant to talk therapy, pharmacology, and other interventions.

The following is Jane’s experience in the days after the session

My session was truly transformative. It turns out that a past life situation bled through to my current life causing some emotional and mental stress. While I had a privileged childhood, it was filled with sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse.

My “childhood traumas” were not the root cause of my mental anguish. Apparently 5 lifetimes ago I was born into the lower-class system in India. I met a beautiful boy who made my heart sing. And he loved me just as much as I loved him.

Unfortunately, our love was a forbidden love. And so, we could never be together. I was 15 years of age when I carried the union of our love. His family would not allow him to disgrace his heritage.

Therefore, they made sure we would never be together. My parents disowned me because I had disgraced them. Losing the love of my life and the love and protection of my parents pushed me to end the life of my son and eventually my own.

And you won’t believe how much of that story bled through into my present incarnation. I attempted suicide at 15. When I carried my first child at 24, I also contemplated ending both our lives.

All the therapy sessions, counseling, prescription drugs, and recreational drugs did not help me. I always felt as though something was wrong with me. And had such a difficult time accepting the psychological and psychiatric diagnosis. This system designed was bigger than me. And I knew that I had to play along.

Meaning, it was easier to blame childhood traumas only because this made “sense”. But it really didn’t. My childhood traumas, believe it or not, truly did not affect me. They did however become very important when my behavior could not be explained. And there had to be a legit reason for my irrational actions and behaviors.

Since our session, I am super happy to report how much more at peace I feel around people. And that my interactions are much more fluid and authentic. Also, something physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually has shifted. It’s very challenging to use words that are so limiting.

It’s as if I am someone else. The integration process was powerful and seamless.  I felt some subtle yet strong changes in my energy bodies and thought patterns.

Today was the first day I worked with a group of complete strangers and felt at ease. In the past I would have politely declined the invitation to collaborate with teens. Or would have not shown up.

Life is finally in full technicolor. Every interaction, every moment and experience feels richer. I love more deeply. I appreciate everything and everyone, myself included, exponentially. I create more passionately. I finally feel I can enjoy the process of life and living.

It's as if a veil of dullness has been lifted. Hard to describe with words. It has been truly a life changing experience.

If you have been experiencing depression and anxiety and unable to resolve it with traditional methods, reach out to one of our practitioners to take the first step to healing your mind, body, and spirit.

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by Reza Mohammed

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