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Demystifying Medical Miracles:

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Healing hypothyroidism, hair loss, fatigue, acid reflux, and more physical symptoms with Life Centered Therapy

A woman came in for a session because she was presenting with the following physical symptoms: fatigue, foggy memory, a pounding headache, dizziness, sleepiness, hair loss, and acid reflux.

Muscle testing (MT) indicated that her highest priority intention was everything she said, and it further revealed that all of her symptoms were a Blocked Identity. I was therefore able to tell Sarah that what she called her fatigue, foggy memory, pounding headache, dizziness, sleepiness, hair loss, and acid reflux was in fact a choice that she had made at an earlier time. While this was the best choice she could have made at the time, it was now limiting her tremendously.

Sarah understood what I was saying, but could not consciously relate it to any event in her life. MT revealed that all we needed to know was that the pattern originated in her current life and crystallized at age 39.

When we found this, she immediately exclaimed, “Oh, I know what this is...a memory just came to me that I haven’t thought about in years. At every job I had in my 30’s, I was shining at work. I was in the highest positions, performing very well, getting lots of positive feedback and attention from higher ups, but every immediate boss I had resented it.”

“There was this period of time where I was getting especially bad bosses quite consistently. They were insecure, and it felt like they wanted me to be quiet and not so outspoken. And I know what this mask/protection is…”

“There was this moment when I said I want to lay low, not’s more agony than its worth”

Muscle Testing revealed that this was in fact the obscuring identity (the protective mask that she had chosen to take on), and all of the physical symptoms she listed in her check in were part of the obscuring identity (fatigue, foggy memory, pounding sensations in her head, dizziness, sleepiness, hair loss, and acid reflux). It also indicated that the point of origin of the trauma was at age 39.

Strangely enough, at this point of the session she began to have a strange sensation in her throat and began to burp.

After we had her fully allow all aspects of this protection and scan her body, she felt the following physical sensations in her body: a throbbing in the palm of her hand, headache, fogginess in head, and pounding in her stomach.

She brought all of her attention and awareness to the sensations, and scenes came to her that she had not consciously thought of in years, with great detail, intensity, and emotion:

“I’m remembering when I was 39...I was very vocal in nearly every aspect of my career, getting good projects, and others were envious of me. I was always a top candidate in every interview I participated in but I was having lots of bosses who seemed to be insecure. I was always speaking my mind regardless of this though, and I was in the limelight of my career.

I had a pattern of leaving jobs because of trouble with bosses. There was one specific incident in which I got very upset when this happened that is coming to my awareness…

I was at the last job I had in my 30’s as part of a small start up, and a new higher up came into the company and was firing workers right off the bat. I was one of the ones to get fired, and I was shocked, considering how well I was performing.

As I was leaving, I was so enraged that I told the V.P. of my company that this new higher up was an asshole; he treated me terribly, and I didn’t deserve this decision. I didn’t care about his reference and then I stormed out of the company.

I was unemployed for about 12 months after that, which is the longest period of unemployment I have ever had in my career. I suffered quite a bit during those 12 months.

After that it felt like I had learned not to shine too brightly...and in my next jobs for the next 20 years or so, I was a strong performer and was content with my work life. I was no longer the superstar I used to be though, and it feels intuitively that I was afraid on some deeper level that I could have that same situation happen again if I performed at that level and was as outspoken as I used to be.”

“It also feels like my vocalness hasn’t been the same since then...I can’t be as present and energetic at work. It feels like there is a block around speaking my truth, some kind of protection in my throat. It also feels relevant that I had been struggling for years to get a promotion at my new job until I just recently finally got promoted.”

MT revealed that we had to dialogue with this identity about the history of its relationship with Sarah, and how it served/ limited her.

She asked the identity how it served her, protected her, and limited her and the following came to her awareness:

“It protected made me forget that the event had ever happened in a way, as it hadn’t crossed my mind in years. It also protected me in that I was never ready to deal with it before now...I took it too personally at the time and had to do a lot of inner work over the years to be able to work on it and heal it. It also limited me in that it let diseases drive me...I’ve been consumed with several diseases over the past two decades that have been keeping me away from work, always been on my mind, and sucking my energy and happiness. I’ve never been able to understand where all these diseases came from over the years.”

I invited Sarah to use her imagination to place the image of that scene across the room. Then I invited her to make a different choice about her physical symptoms and decision to lay low and not shine.

"You chose to bring them in; it was the best choice you could have made at the time. While it served to protect you, it was a fear-based protection that has limited you a lot and has generalized to similar situations. You can now make a different choice if you so desire. Just use your consciousness to externalize the throbbing in the palm of hand, headache, fogginess in head, and pounding in stomach. Since you chose to bring it in, you can choose to bring it outside of yourself." Sarah did this with great ease.

I then invited her to tell me what she could imagine outside herself. "A dark swirling black energy." I said to her, "You are a pure channel of Source energy. Channel this Source energy through you and into the dark energy until it is totally infused with it, and once you’ve done this you’ll intuitively know where to send this new and transformed energy.”

“I need to send it back to the Divine,” she said. She proceeded to do so with her imagination and reported that she now felt a sense of lightness.

I invited Sarah to go into the new found lightness, and find her true self that had been obscured and was hiding under what had been the dark swirling black energy.

As she did this, she said, "I see a beautiful glowing orange/yellow light. It feels like my true self is kind, non-judgemental, happy to serve others, full of ideas, loves to share these ideas freely, enjoys working and creating…”

I invited her to put her hand lovingly on his body where that energy had been hiding and let it come out and touch his hand and expand forward and back, up and down and left and right so that she was that energy.

“I feel like a new person,” she said. “All of the throbbing in palm, pounding in stomach, fogginess in my head, dizziness, and low energy is gone. I feel a sense of aliveness and lightness. This is incredible.”

The key takeaways from Sarah’s experience are that she had been struggling with acid reflux and symptoms of what doctors had labeled hypothyroidism (fatigue, foggy memory, dizziness, hair loss, etc) were in fact on one level a protection.

We found that all of these symptoms were fundamentally energetic in their root cause and manifesting themselves physically. By doing work on the energetic root cause, in the days following the session she was able to find more relief than she had found before, and she had been on synthetic thyroid hormone to manage her symptoms for years.

Interestingly enough, she also mentioned that her main concern about her hair loss was that it was going to lead her to be neglected for promotions and advancement in her company due to ageism, which aligns with the notion that the protection was from career advancement due to past trauma.

The fatigue, foggy memory, hair loss, etc, were all part of this protection that was forcing her to “lay low” and “not shine, because it’s more agony than its worth”. One of the physical ways this energetic protection manifested appeared through her thyroid dysfunction and her body not producing enough thyroid hormone.

If she didn’t have to worry about and feel self conscious about her hair loss at work, was able to be fully energetic and work at her top performance, not deal with spells of dizziness, not have a foggy memory, she would have been shining brightly just as she had been in her 30s.

But because of her trauma at age 39, a deep part of her was afraid of that trauma repeating itself again so it prevented her from shining as she once did in order to keep her safe.

Interestingly enough, she also realized that she was diagnosed with acid reflux at age 39, months after she was fired. Her hair loss also began at age 39, two years before her hypothyroidism was diagnosed not long later at 41. The three main health issues she had been battling for two decades all manifested themselves in the two years after this traumatic experience.

The issues appear to be localized on the throat and may have to due with the relationship between the throat chakra and how an inability to speak one’s truth may manifest in disease, but that is beyond the scope of this case study.

Furthermore, while she had been battling these physical symptoms in varying levels of intensity for the past 20 years, they increased dramatically in severity two weeks before the session. Sarah made the connection that she was finally promoted two weeks ago after years of trying to achieve this, and felt a literal shock run through her body when she got the news. She was stunned at that moment, and it was a strange sensation she had never had before, although she was of course simultaneously overjoyed to have finally been promoted.

In the days following after that, all of her symptoms got noticeably worse. She had already been working with Tibetan medicine and western medicine to manage her symptoms and they didn’t appear to be able to help her symptoms in the past weeks as well as they had in the long run.

Since this protection of “wanting to lay low, not shine” was still active when she was recently promoted, it’s as if the second she got promoted, it was the ultimate threat to this protection. She would be in a higher position in her company in the limelight, which may have resulted in the same trauma happening again to her.

This may explain why seemingly out of the blue her hair loss got worse, her acid reflux intensified, and she began getting headaches, having more fatigue, and increasing memory problems. This all happened, on one level, in order to protect her even more intensely from a perceived threat.

Sarah’s Experience in the days after the session

It has now been 5 days since my session. The rate of my hair loss has drastically decreased; I no longer wake up with large amounts of hair on my pillow. I was at a wedding this weekend and my hair looked surprisingly good, even though there is no way that I have gained any new hair in the past few days.

Nonetheless, it was as if I had gone to a salon! My hair was in place, it didn’t look like it was thinning and that I had bald spots, and I actually got compliments on my hair. Someone told me I looked the same as I did 30 years ago.

I usually use hair products to fill in the gaps on my bald spots. I took these products to the wedding anticipating that I would absolutely need them, but when I looked at myself in the mirror I was pleased with how my hair looked, and chose not to use these products. Normally I would have had to have used lots of products in my hair to cover this up on occasions with lots of people! This to me is a miracle.

I met lots of people at this wedding that I didn’t know, had amazing conversations that I initiated and I felt noticeably more confident in myself and able to speak to others. I had no hesitation in my speech, which I would have had in the past around people. I would have hesitated to talk to people all the time...but at this wedding I went to I wasn’t alone at a single moment and it was with all new people I had never met before.

I wasn’t feeling self conscious at all which was a totally new experience for me. My heart feels open and full. I can’t remember the last time I have ever felt this way.

My headaches that came out of the blue a few weeks ago and had been consistent until the session, have not returned since. The dizziness is also completely gone, and I feel a significant boost in energy. I have spent years working on treating the physical symptoms with both western and eastern medicine and never would have thought they were a psychospiritual protection...I am truly amazed and hopeful that this healing will last.

Two weeks later

A month and a half ago I had my TSH level tested, which is one of the main hormonal indicators of hypothyroidism. It was 7.1 uIU/mL, meaning that I had hypothyroidism.

I just did a blood test recently and received my TSH level and it is now on the low end of normal. It is the lowest it has ever been and I am still remaining symptom free and feel transformed on the levels of mind, body, and spirit.

Written by Reza Mohammed with Joan Beckett, LMHC, and Andrew Hahn, Psy.D

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