Clearing the LCT Death Trauma

Deepening and Accelerating the Healing Process through Retrieving Soul Parts Presented at The Energy Psychology Conference 2001 by Rev. Ramsey Coolidge, LMHC, RM

Death Trauma© lifts us out of ordinary reality and challenges our capacity to hold a larger healing container-one that honors the wisdom shaman’s have long held central to the healing process-that of reclaiming lost soul parts. The Death Trauma is one of the many LCT trauma patterns. Trauma sets an energetic imprint that not only affects your mental beliefs about yourself, life and God; your capacity to experience emotions; your ability to hold appropriate boundaries-it affects your experience of being wholly present. It is perhaps typical in the generic energy psychology realm to address these known life traumas through associating into the symptoms of a painful life experience and then applying an intervention such as Gary Graig’s Emotional Freedom Technique. Both Judith Swack, Ph.D (Healing from the Body Level Up©) and Andrew Hahn, Psy.D (Life Centered Therapy©) underscore the importance of finding the root cause of the trauma. Both Hahn and Swack have discovered through the use of their kinesiology-based protocols the client’s body-based wisdom may guide the clinician to find the root cause, beyond this life and into past karmic lives, genealogical or ancestral lineage and also into archetypal realms. As clinicians, we may need to find a bridge between, what may first appear as, a chasm between clearing traumas that occur in this life to traveling into traumas that have been in the realm of witchdoctors and occultists. Contemporary psychology recognizes parts of the self can become separated leaving the client feeling as if parts of the vital self were split off and separated. This results in the feeling of, ‘I’m not all here’ or ‘I seem to be lacking some of my resources’. These experiences can deepen into a sense of soul loss, when a client feels ‘deadened’ or as if the vital light/life has gone from him/her. The chasm now begins to shape-shift into two small mounds we can easily step across. Marie Von Franz, a renown Jungian analyst wrote, “Loss of soul appears in the form of a sudden onset of apathy and listlessness; the joy has gone out of life, initiative is crippled, one feels empty, everything seems pointless.” Once we have integrated the possibility of either psychological or soul trauma, we can expand our understanding to include traumatic incidents that have imprinted us in past lives. Bohm, a well known quantum physics theorist teaches us that within the swirling energy masses called morphogenetic fields are background blue prints that hold these apparent chaotic energy fields into the matter that appears so solid to the human eye. One could say, these background blue prints contain our DNA, RNA, trauma patterns and soul patterns. Imagine an expansive energy field that condenses as it moves into physical form-moves through time–dies–casts off the body–and takes with it learnings and trauma patterns– which again condenses into the next physical form and carries with it those imprints. Those imprints act like magnets attracting people and situations which tend to recapitulate those lessons and traumas. Each soul carries it’s own unique coding. Like billions of snow flakes, each one is unique in creation. When we open to soul, we open to the notion of evolution–the evolving of ‘soul stuff’. Personalities can split, shatter and become deadened, so can soul parts. Hahn’s discovery of The Death Trauma© is a modernized version of soul loss shamans have been recovering and reclaiming for centuries. The shamanic way of working with soul retrieval, as described by Sandra Ingerman, is a vast and in depth method for working with major illnesses. Death Trauma© is merely one aspect reintegrating split off soul parts. Hahn discovered that during a traumatic death scene, part(s) of the soul can: a) get caught in the body, b)through dissociation or attachment does not fully leave the body or scene c) linger at the scene because it doesn’t realize it is dead. Those parts are caught in a traumatically based repetitive pattern of trying to complete the death process. From that soul part’s perspective it simply ‘wants to die’ from a place of wishing to return to Source so it can move on with its own evolution. Unfortunately this ‘death process’ is being lived through the client in his/her current life (typically unconsciously). It is a lose/lose situation. If the soul part from the past life succeeds in killing the current you off, it still doesn’t complete its death process and is not healed. If it does not succeed in killing you off, you, at the very least, remain very miserable. To heal this pattern, we use the LCT 5 step healing process. The first step is to set the intention, which aims the laser of our attention into the morphogenetic or holographic field and calls into being both its possibility and what is blocking its existence. For example, John, a middle age, blue collar worker came to me suffering from over ten years of progressive panic attacks which were triggered by traffic jams. This pattern had severely limited this man’s choices of jobs, as he had to choose work close to home, as he could not risk being caught in a traffic jam. Also, his work-place would occasionally have to deal with him calling in from the side of the road, unable to move and clearly not able to make it into wor