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An exploration of Empath Healing and Unity Consciousness

by Linda Crawford LICSW

In her book, Energy Medicine, (1998) Donna Eden describes more clearly than anything I have ever read what I am calling an Empath Healing. On pages 17-19, she describes a healing with a woman who came with bronchitis. ". . .I....sank into her deepest energy system, ...using my own body like a jumper cable to connect the circuitry and rebuild the grid.... When this energy began to move through me, it at first felt jagged. Then I couldn't breathe. (Emphasis mine, not hers) .... It went on and on. I was gasping for breath for about thirty minutes. At the moment I finally felt the energies hook up through my body, she (the client) gasped and then took her first normal breaths in months. My breathing returned as well." If Einstein was correct, and energy is all there is, and if the newer ideas of string theory are reliably descriptive, these experiences are a clear "show and tell" of the unified energy field.

Over the last decade as I have done a similar form of what I call "Empath Work" with clients, I have aligned with and released countless patterns of emotional and physical memories and experiences. These seem to be levels of experience that are too intense for the client to manage or integrate in some important way in their being. Consequently, these patterns of energy become blocked and manifest as a physical or emotional symptom. When I as an Empath align my energy field with the client's, a phenomenon much as Donna Eden describes occurs. There is a moment of attunement, manifestation of the symptom at a physical and/or emotional level that mirrors the client's experience, a holding and shift of the field and a release of the pattern. The client's symptom then shifts.

It is common that the client will only be aware of the physical symptom and unaware of an underlying emotional energetic block. The Empath, in holding the physical manifestation, can either release the pattern so the client can feel these conflicted feelings in whole or part and release them, or at times, the Empath seems to hold and release both. To continue from Donna Eden's case example... "I moved to the second blocked energy pathway. Very soon after I began to hold its points, a grief came through me that was as deep as any personal grief I have ever known. It was overwhelming. I began to cry and couldn't stop crying, regardless of how it might look to Leah (the client). She told me later that had it not been for the fact that she could now breathe better, she would have been off the table and out of there in an instant because of my lack of professionalism. After what seemed a very long time - at the moment I felt the energies connect- she (DE's italics) began to sob in uncontrollable, loud, heaving grief."

Two things struck me as very familiar in reading this passage. One was the seeming simultaneity of the connection of the energy points within the Empath and the client release.

This has been my repeated experience. The second was the client response. I typically tell

my energy clients that they will never get any disagreement from me that the work itself is at best a little weird, but since it seems repeatedly to be very useful to people, I continue to pursue it. Empath work quickly begins to make bearable what has previously been unbearable. While it does not always remove an entire pattern, it typically releases or lessens

enough of the pattern that the client can make conscious blockages that were previously too difficult to hold consciously. In my experience, these blockages can originate in the memory of the client anywhere across the time dimension and can manifest as a physical symptom in the here and now. I believe that there are profound keys to understanding memory and the underlying causes of many physical ailments in the Empath function.

My current understanding of my form of Empath Healing is that in the moment that a person's information - form - manifests in my body, there is a place of secondary "show and tell" about how the energy field works. The information encoded in the field can be, for that moment, forming the client's body and/or my body and coming into third dimensional form. The self, "in-formation” if you will. In a larger sense, each lifetime is a moment of "in-formation". The internal subjective experience is simply a "longer" moment - a

lifetime. One possible explanation of how we experience this lifetime is that our "consciousness or awareness" perceives within the field -- forms a physical body

around/from a subset of unified field information and holds that physical body more or less stable for a "moment in time."

As an Empath - "I" am able to do much the same thing at particular points in the field. I have often said over the last ten years, "I don't do physical healing. The vibration of my field isn't yet high enough to clear those dense forms." I can, however, align-with other information in the part of the field that calls itself "John Doe", share the configuration 3rd dimensionally for a moment without judgment and shift the information - metabolize the experience for the "person" into a different configuration in the unified field and when we return to our typically perceived configuration, the "person's" configuration is different. "A Healing" or transmutation of symptom or relationship to symptom has occurred. Resting in gratitude and compassion, I am at my best when I'm doing an Empath healing.

The first (only) brochure I ever created said, "Your light becomes my light becomes our light and I am healed." A friend wanted to change it to "... and we are healed." I said no because the information had come through with the 'I' and now I understand. It should have read,"... and "I" am healed to show the illusion more clearly. The Empath function has modeled a moment of unified field consciousness simultaneously held in awareness in a field of compassion/non-judgment so change simply occurs. It is non-time/space-bound consciousness for a moment. If I can hold the concept that, for the "moment" of an Empath Healing, the information held and shared in the field is simultaneously shaping both the client's and my physical bodies, it is easier to comprehend how consciousness shapes the field into all moments of experience in a non-time/ space bound way. We make sense of it through a combination of the collective consciousness and perceptual illusion - i.e. I am separate and that person is separate from me - but that is only convenient perceptual illusion. Empath Healings demonstrate the unity of the field very clearly in a way that is hard to dismiss by anyone involved or observing.

It is possible that healing of the physical body through intention and prayer is another example of how we can shift the formation of the physical body and hold it differently with our consciousness. In a form perhaps similar to the Empath form, prayer groups create a strong enough intention to shift a template within the unified field so that the physical body of the recipient is able to hold increasingly consistently a different 3rd dimensional form or template, and healing or miracles occur.

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