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A Story of Healing Writer’s Block

A man came in for healing because of writer’s block, and we found out that this was, indeed, his Highest Priority Intention. We further discover that before we can directly work on his writer’s block, we first had to transform a very deep-seated belief that he is unworthy of his father’s love, a belief that somehow was connected to his inability to write.

We find that when this man was a little boy, one day he was sitting and writing a poem, and his father noticed what he was doing, and told him to go outside and play because it was such a nice day. Enjoying himself immensely, the boy chose to ignore his father.  A short while later, his father returned and became quite angry at his son, and yelled at him to get outside, stop being a dreamer, and join his brothers in their game of baseball.

As the man was recounting this story, he began to cry, saying, “All I wanted was for him to love me.” With this exclamation, it was like a dam broke, and the tears started welling up more. When we further explored this story, we came to realize, in a way this man had never realized before, that his father had given up his own dreams, and his ability to live his truth in the world, and in a way that he had previously had not understood, this man, too, was giving up his own dreams as a way to be close to his father and worthy in his father’s eyes. 

The man realized not just something that was happening in his family, but something that had happened much more universally in that era of the 50’s and 60’s. In realizing this, he began to see the story, not just in personal terms, but in much larger terms, and realized that it was, perhaps, a theme in his whole generation - to be able to take the next step building on the foundation of the parents’ generation.

It turned out, however, that transforming this belief and all that went with it, was not enough, by itself, to completely release his writer’s block, his original HPI. We had to return to the writer’s block itself, and his beliefs about himself as a writer that surfaced at that time and resolve these separately. Balancing these would not have been possible had we not first transformed the belief about his unworthiness of his father’s love. 

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