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to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual difficulties.
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A revolutionary healing approach 

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The One-Hour Miracle: A 5-Step Process to Guide Your Self-Healing: Change the Story, Re-author Your Life 
by Andrew Hahn Psy.D. (Author), Joan Beckett M.B.A. M.A. L.M.H.C.

A revolutionary healing framework that is a blueprint for transforming most problems, ranging from the most pedestrian to the most treatment resistant. And sometimes, the transformation simply takes one hour.

Available on march 15, 2022

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Is There Something in Your Life You Want to Change?

Physical… like chronic pain

Emotional… like depression

Mental… like anxiety

Relational… like unfulfilling partnership

Spiritual… like alienation, not knowing your purpose, not reaching your potential

This is life’s invitation to heal and grow and re-member who you truly are.

To be engaged and have the courage and grace to live in alignment with what you know on the deepest level is your truth.

To be free from suffering.

To be free to live a life of true presence, joy and purpose.

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About LCT

Life Centered Therapy is a unique integration of traditional and body-centered psychotherapies, energy healing and spirituality. 
While people usually come for symptomatic relief, we have come to discover that the deepest healing arises when people are able to become aware of, allow and accept all of who they are. 

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Our Services

Healing services are provided to individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations to support them in becoming what they want to be in the world primarily by releasing traumatic blocks.


Casual Meeting

Programs & Trainings

We offer trainings, workshops, and other programs to teach how to facilitate the healing process and to learn the Enneagram, a profoundly useful framework for understanding ourselves and others with greater compassion while initiating us into living with greater freedom.

Upcoming Events

We offer a free training

Why Mental Health Professionals Are Going Crazy (In a Good Way, Not Literally) About This Training


What People Say

—Helen Palmer, Author of The Enneagram 

“Beyond the deep understanding and nuancing of the Types and their dilemmas, Andy evokes a refined compassion in his audience for the dilemmas that others face. It allows and invites people to work very deeply.”  

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Truly innovative, taking the best of traditional psychology and wedding it to the deepest understanding and

practices arising from the wisdom of modern physics, self-organizing systems theory, and soul and spiritual psychology, Life Centered Therapy is a results-oriented approach to resolving the most difficult of problems

In our experience the Enneagram is in a class by itself as the simplest, most powerful, and thereby elegant framework we know to help us understand ourselves and others from the inside out. It invites us into greater empathy and compassion and helps us gain freedom from the compulsive fears that keep us stuck. When Life Centered Therapy and the Enneagram are used together there is a synergistic effect; our capacity to heal is magnified by understanding and our capacity to understand is magnified by our healing.

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