What makes Life Centered Therapy so effective?

What makes it so effective is that : 1) It opens to healing energies that are larger than ourselves; 2) It presumes nothing about the nature of reality and therefore what is the cause of your problem - in that simple lack of presumption, it opens us to solutions that would not be considered in other frameworks; 3) It teaches you how to access your deepest wisdom in the service of healing. By focusing kinesthetically on the part of you that has the problem, you literally transform the problem in an immediate way rather than just talking about it.

How many healing sessions will I need?

This depends on the nature of your concern and your overall goals. You’ll experience a change in your symptoms or relationship to your symptoms in the first session, so you’ll be the expert about what works for you. Typically, the results of LCT are more rapid and far-reaching than traditional therapy and healing modalities. Many people have six to eight sessions while others use LCT as an ongoing powerful resource for growth. The number of sessions depends on you.

Does Life Centered Therapy replace the need for medical treatment?

No, though it may, in some cases, diminish the need for or reduce the time of traditional treatments. We encourage you to integrate the best of all available healing services. Our certified facilitators work collaboratively with your treatment team to provide you with maximum care.

Do you work with children, couples, and groups as well as individuals?

Yes! All of these. Children love this process because it’s both powerful AND fun, accessing their natural ability to open to energy and imaginal realms. Couples find it helps clear mutual grudge patterns or stories that get them locked in repetitively destructive patterns. Groups work on both individual intentions and the collective intention. This provides a rich, deep base of healing for all participants.

How might I benefit from taking the Training Course if I don’t want to be a LCT Trainer or Facilitator?

You will benefit by having a very deep learning and healing experience in community. This experience is likely to be much more profound than that you are likely to experience if you were working alone. By analogy, if you have never been in a car, taking the training versus doing healing work is likenable to learning how to drive versus being driven. You as a student may find a new way of making sense of the world; this new way may challenge your realities and is really an initiatory process that opens you to a deeper knowing of life, yourself and others.

Who are your students? Do I need a specific background to take the LCT Training course?

Our students are people from a wide variety of backgrounds including physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, psycho-therapists, body-workers, yoga instructors, social workers, mothers, journalists, internet technology people, educators, corporate executives and people who are incorporating a deeper experience of healing into their everyday life. While there is no formal prerequisites to this course, what is really needed is an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to be present to whatever arises.

Who are the LCT Trainers?

Like the students, LCT Trainers have varied backgrounds. While some of them are licensed mental health practitioners, others do not come from a mental health background. They have all, however, met rigorous standards in a two-year certification Training and Supervision Program designed to ensure thorough knowledge of LCT, the Enneagram, group dynamics, healing individuals and collectives and teaching skills. This is followed by an apprenticeship program where prospective teachers are mentored.

My friends and I would like to have a weekend of healing using Life Centered Therapy. Would you facilitate our healing without our needing to learn the LCT framework?

Yes! We happily lead group healing experiences from a few hours to many days long. We describe the work and do a demonstration with one person to familiarize everyone with the process, then lead the group in healing their individual and collective intentions for the balance of our time together. People from all over the country have enjoyed and benefited from these group healings. Contact us to help you get started

I would like to organize a LCT training in my local area. How do I get started?

Call us! We’re happy to help you. We have organizational steps for gathering people and making it happen that will make this easy for you. Our minimum number for a first weekend training is eight people. We compensate our organizers based on the number of people they gather.