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The materials on this site (including without limitation all articles, text, images, logos, compilation, and design) are Copyright © 2019 by Life Centered Therapy and Andrew H. Hahn, Psy.D., All rights reserved.

Disclaimer Regarding This  Website Content, Products & Resource Recommendations

The information and recommendations on this site are provided for educational purposes only. It is an adjunct to assist people in more effectively utilizing appropriate professionals to achieve their goals. This site's resources are in no way intended as substitutes for seeking appropriate professional assistance for physical, psychological, spiritual, relationship or career challenges.
Visitors to this site are strongly encouraged to use its information to collaborate more effectively with mainstream and alternative mental health & physical health care providers, certified coaches, recovery programs and religious or spiritual advisors.
Your choice to use the material on this site means you accept responsibility for how you understand and utilize this material and that you hold Life Centered Therapy, Dr. Hahn and their representatives harmless for any results you do or don't obtain through this material.

How to Be in Integrity Regarding Copying & Distributing What This Site Provides

The free information on the Life Centered Therapy website may be copied and distributed on a limited basis for noncommercial purposes only, provided that any material copied remains intact and that all copies include the following notice in a clearly visible position:
"Copyright © 2019 Life Centered Therapy ( & Dr. Andrew Hahn. All rights reserved."

No materials on this site be copied or redistributed for commercial purposes, or for compensation of any kind, without prior written permission from Andrew H. Hahn, Psy.D. To request such permission, e-mail Dr. Hahn at

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