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Mastering Your Internal World to Create Quantum Results in Business

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In this blog post, we will look beyond mindset into the subtle energetic system and touch into a consciousness-based model of reality. In order to help entrepreneurs and business owners get optimal results in their business, our team at Life Centered Therapy took a first principles approach in our clinical work with them and empowered them to solve what was being externally reflected in their lives as business problems at the root causes in their psyches.


According to Dr. David Feinstein, “Existing meta-analyses, RCTs, and other outcome studies constitute a growing body of evidence supporting claims that acupoint tapping protocols are effective in producing beneficial outcomes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and possibly other conditions” (Feinstein, 2019).


While it is great that acupoint tapping protocols can be efficient in improving mental health, one of the most important factors to consider in addition to efficacy is speed. In business, the difference between spending a year trying to resolve your mental health issues and a few weeks can be the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue or lost revenue.


Feinstein supports the purported rapid symptom reduction of energy psychology when he wrote:


For instance, 16 abused male adolescents, all scoring above the PTSD range on a standardized symptom inventory, were randomly assigned to an EFT treatment group or a wait-list condition. Each of the eight participants in the treatment group no longer met the inventory's PTSD criteria 30 days after a single treatment session. (Feinstein, 2019)


The implications of this are profound. If just one session of energy psychology interventions can significantly reduce PTSD symptoms which can include anxiety, depression, fatigue, and more, then the value of such an asset in business cannot be understated. 


To illustrate this point, let’s look at two scenarios. Entrepreneur A is suffering from anxiety and trauma induced symptoms. Entrepreneur B is suffering from the same difficulties.Entrepreneur A decides to use a traditional talk therapy method such as CBT. It takes him 4 months to reduce his symptoms and he doesn’t have a full remission. This is likely time frame and result based on research by Feinstein that indicates that:


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and its variations, which are the standards of care for treating PTSD, average 12 to 16 treatment sessions, and as many as two thirds of patients completing a course of CBT still met PTSD diagnostic criteria after treatment. (Feinstein, 2019)


Entrepreneur B goes with an energy psychology intervention called Emotional Freedom Technique( EFT) and after just 6 weeks he has eliminated almost all of his symptoms. This is likely based on more research by Feinstein that indicates that:

The first major study of energy psychology in the treatment of veterans with PTSD had a low dropout rate and found that only 14% still had the disorder after six one-hour tapping sessions, a study that has been replicated with similar findings. (Feinstein, 2019)


The difference in realized revenue between business owner B and business owner A is massive, regardless of whatever scale the business is operating at. Assuming that both owners are doing the same amount of work in the business; the productivity, quality of thinking, marketing, and client success achieved by business owner B will likely be higher over the same period of time.


When business owners do use energetic or psychological interventions to directly change their mind state and eliminate anxiety, not only do they see a change in their decision making, attention, energy, and mental headspace, but this also energetically changes their business. Such interventions likely will impact the quality of customers they attract, how their sales calls go, and the results they get from their customers because they will vibrate at a higher frequency. 


This is supported by research into the biofield by Beverly Rubik who wrote:


Typically, information is thought to be carried by either energy or matter. However, Bell's Theorem (quantum nonlocality) supports observations of instantaneous interaction between entangled states. The quantum potential function conveys active information everywhere, as does the morphogenetic field, with no diminution over distance. Information may thus be everywhere instantaneously, but it is active only where it is specifically directed—for example, by conscious intent—and may be considered intelligent information, producing a very specific response only where it is intended. Thus, information itself may be considered causal even though it does not always have a physical carrier. (Rubik et. al, 2015)


The notion that the change in mental state via energy interventions can impact other aspects of physical reality is further supported by recent research. According to Luis Matos and his team:


Several authors have studied the physical effects of intention. The results of those experiments could even indicate that human intentions would remotely influence cellular function, microbial growth, the growth of tumors in animals, the germination of seeds, the growth of plants, the healing of surgical wounds in animals, the kinetics of biochemical reactions, and have significant effects on non biological settings. (Matos et al., 2021)


When we consciously change our vibration through eliminating dense energies, the impact “[conveys] active information everywhere, as does the morphogenetic field, with no diminution over distance” and can impact our prospective clients and other aspects of our business, even though externally it appears not to have changed (Matos et al., 2021). 


The notion that the change in mental state through energy interventions can impact other aspects of physical reality is again supported by Matos and his team. They wrote:


Several authors have studied the physical effects of intention. The results of those experiments could even indicate that human intentions would remotely influence cellular function, microbial growth, the growth of tumors in animals, the germination of seeds, the growth of plants, the healing of surgical wounds in animals, the kinetics of biochemical reactions, and have significant effects on non-biological settings. (Matos et al., 2021)


The effects of intention and energy goes well beyond the self and can impact nonbiological settings like potential customers and clients. To expand on this topic, clearing dense energy from your body in service of improving your business immediately raises your frequency and taps you into a higher and more effective level of thinking. According to Hawkins’ scale of consciousness, anxiety operates at level 100 out of 1000. Shame is level 1 and Enlightenment is level 1000. You can see how dense a frequency of 100 is compared to Neutrality (250), Acceptance (350) and Joy (540). By working on anxiety, which plagues almost every business owner we know, they can immediately begin to work their way up Hawkin’s scale of consciousness. These entrepreneurs may be able to solve problems in their business that had existed for years in a short time if they shift their consciousness (David Hawkins’ map of consciousness-crazy, or crazy insightful, 2020).


To test out our theory, we found some entrepreneurs dealing with anxiety and did several Energy Psychology sessions with them. One of them was a biohacking entrepreneur named Stephan Krijger. We found him in a consulting program we were in. He was taking all the necessary actions to grow his business: prospecting, paid marketing, taking sales calls, and doing coaching with his clients. However, in October he barely cleared $2000 in profit. He had a subtle feeling that something was holding him back, but he was unsure of exactly what it was. All he knew was that on his sales calls he would get anxious and was unable to close deals and speak with conviction. He hadn’t closed a deal in his last 16 sales calls when we met. In our first session, we uncovered a trauma suppressed in his subconscious from when he was a young 14-year-old and was bullied in school. In the present time, he realized that the experience created a compulsive protective identity where he had a fear others would not like him and as a result, he was overly nice to people. He wasn’t at choice about this.


He also realized that the same thing was playing out on his sales calls. Just like when he was a kid and others were treating him poorly and he was being extraordinarily kind and seeking their approval, he was unconsciously mirroring this behavior on his sales calls.


Once he resolved that root cause trauma with EFT, an energy psychology intervention, he noticed over the next few days that his anxiety had dissipated completely for the time being. He closed four out of his next seven deals and things were great for a week. We did three more sessions with similar traumas he had to resolve and his revenue continued to grow. Over four weeks he has multiplied his revenue several fold and hit his first $8000 month by mastering and resolving subconscious trauma.


To explain Stephan’s results with psychological theory, the simplest framework we have found is Dr. Stephen Wolinsky’s Inner Child model. Wolinsky asserts that many of our undesirable emotions, beliefs, patterns, and actions are simply trances formed as ways to survive and get our needs met when we experienced traumatic situations at a younger age. His model asserts that the lens from which we view our adult lives can often be distorted from the consciousness of a younger inner child (Wolinsky, 1993, p. 9). He wrote: “All of these tapes are played by the inner child within the adult. The child takes on the voices and suggestions of parents, and years later the child within the adult hypnotizes the adult (Wolinsky, 1993, p. 9).


Many of our automatic emotions, limiting beliefs, and compulsive behaviors can be traced back to an inner child that is triggered within us and reacts disproportionately to the current situation. Wolinsky explains this further when he wrote: “The child within hypnotizes the adult by automatically saying things to you that make you go into a trance. You behave in ways you would rather not, or you may go into a trance that worked under trauma in the past but is not appropriate for the present time situation. The child within becomes your hypnotist, and the adult in present time, the subject, continues getting hypnotized into unwanted behaviors and experiences” (Wolinsky, 1993, p. 10).


With this in mind, we can more clearly understand how Stephan’s sales performance and revenue was able to turn around so quickly. By becoming the observer Stephan figured out that when he was bullied at 14, he took on a protective strategy of being overly nice to people to receive their approval and avoid having hurtful comments aimed at him. At the time, this served him and was necessary, but when he was a full-grown man in entrepreneurship this automatic and compulsive behavior no longer served him. In fact, it sabotaged him.


Stephan was able to let go of this behavior in his sales calls by becoming aware of the fact that he was reliving this protective mechanism unconsciously and on automatic, and immediately went on a four-call win streak of sales. By awakening the observer (Stephan) who had fallen asleep, he was able to “look at this inner child identity and release it [his] present time reality” and “awaken the observer [Stephan] who [had] fallen asleep” (Wolinsky, 1993, p. 11). This enabled him to “step out of [his] time-frozen past and step into being present in present time” (Wolinsky, 1993, p. 11).


From October 2021–January 2023, we worked with six entrepreneurs, including Stephan, and used a range of energy psychology, somatic, and spiritual interventions to help them deal with anxiety, depression, fatigue, and other issues. It was a mini-longitudinal study as we tracked their business revenues year over year. Stephan, with a few more sessions, continued to grow internally, and his sales, marketing, and revenues all reflected that. He went on to hit his first $20k per month, and then he merged with two other entrepreneurs to create a new business that combined all of their expertise. 


He went on to hit $50,000 per month in February 2023. Compared to his October 2021 revenue of $2,000, he increased his revenues by 25 times, or a 2500% increase. Evan Vance, a Canadian entrepreneur who we worked with and who was also dealing with anxiety, procrastination, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and low self-esteem, scaled his business from $1500 a month to $25000 a month within 8 months. In January 2023, he hit a record $70,000 month; he describes such results as unthinkable to the previous version of him, and he credits his entrepreneurial transformation to the deep healing he experienced when doing somatic, spiritual, and transpersonal work.

From a Life Centered Therapy standpoint, the drastic business changes that these young entrepreneurs had were merely a reflection of their improved vibration. As they let go of the traumatic stories, beliefs, and subconscious programs that were not only running their minds from beneath the surface, but were energetically manifesting in their reality as their business problems, their businesses changed. 

Each entrepreneur found several key soul lessons in their struggles as they progressed in their healing work. When they mastered what their soul wanted to share with them, their individual potentials and the realities available to each of them expanded. They were more able to access different parallel realities in which they did have the business success they previously sought. 


However, the difference was their attachment. After facing the obstacles their soul magnetized to them and healing blocks preventing them from living as a more complete reflection of their soul, their attachment to material world achievements decreased. Paradoxically, this is when their material success increased. 




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