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What LCT can do for you?

Life Centered Therapy heals in either

of two ways.

Sad on Couch

The First:


Our problem lessens or goes away.

Life Centered Therapy has been used very successfully in the treatment of the following:

Physical: Chronic Pain, Asthma, Allergies, Respiratory Illnesses, Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,     Idiopathic Diseases (those of unknown origin) and others


Emotional: Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Addictions, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Loss and Violence Traumas, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Sexual Dysfunction, and Major Mental Illnesses


Mental: Paranoia, Obsessions, Limiting and Negative Beliefs about the Self and the World


Relationship: Releasing destructive patterns and reducing reactivity/getting your buttons pushed


Spiritual: Alienation, Despair, Inertia


The anxiety about the problem lessens or goes away.


The anxiety we associate with the problem dissolves so while we still may have the pain, we will not be suffering. What does it mean to be in pain but not be suffering? We learn that what is important is not the hand we are dealt but how we play it; we learn how to play it with courage and grace, to have a sense of equanimity.


The Second:




A young man who was in the midst of a second severe depression that appeared to be biological in origin came out of the depression in one session. He realized it was an unconscious choice he had made at age four to protect himself from feelings that were so strong he felt they would annihilate him. When we facilitated him in making a different choice, he walked out of the office symptom-free.


Chronic Back Pain

A woman who had severe chronic back pain which she attributed to a bad accident found total relief when she discovered and let go of a powerful unconscious story where she had been knocked down in a way that mirrored the accident.

Suicidal Feelings

A man coming in with suicidal feelings following the break up of a long-term relationship was able to “peel” through the layers of self-loathing and insecurity to be able to know that he was capable of love, being loved and ultimately loving himself. His experience with LCT has allowed him the serenity to be truly present in the relationship.

Paralyzing Fear of Death

A young man dying of cancer lived in paralyzing fear of death. LCT wasn’t able to affect a change in his cancer, but it helped him awaken an inner peace that made his last weeks fulfilling and free from fear.

Meet our therapists

Please meet our team at Life Centered Therapy. To get in touch, please fill out the form in Contact Us and we will get back to you. 





Treating PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, working with individuals, couples and groups, specialize in supporting you in your spiritual healing and growth, helping you to gain freedom from your deepest fears


M.B.A., M.A., L.M.H.C


Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Individual and Group Facilitation
Enneagram Typing and Workshops



Reza  the Director of Research at the Life Centered Therapy Institute and assists with online training. 

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